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Titanic Fic | Teach Me How To Dance

Edgar Bonch teaches Tommy Ryan How to Dance.

"Oi, Eddy boy, Ah-Ah dun't think-"

"Tommy, just follow me, kay?"

Edgar's fingers slid between Tommy's as his eyes had softly stared at into the other's eyes. His waist had moved closer as Edgar's eyes looked down to looked at their feet then looked back at the other's face.

For some odd reason, Tommy's cheeks had filled with a light tinge of pink and his eyes fidgeting from side to side. Never had Tommy been this way, always flirting with women, making them blush. But, This was a totally different thing. This was so much more than that.

The background must had soon finished playing with rough Celtic and lights dimmed as though the room was theirs now. The song changed slowly into a soft sound of slow flutes, bagpipes and a small drum. From sides there were couples, but all vision was blurred for these two.

As Edgar held Tommy's hand and his other hand rested on his waist, he started to move slowly. Tommy tried to comply with the other's movements, his own waist moving up along the other's as his cheeks darkened. Soon he had started from hitting waists to stepping on toes.

Edgar chuckled, only wincing a few times from his toes being smashed. His own cheeks had grown warm but his attitude less fidgety in a way.

"Tommy, Calm down-" he whispered, lightly as he moved to the side in the slow dance. He knew the other was new to this type of dancing, but he wasn't expecting all this. He wasn't saying he hated it. He actually thought it was cute to see the other this way. I mean, the guy wasn't the type to go blushy all of a sudden like this.

"A-Aye, Ah'll try.." he mumbled, his fingers lightly moving along the other's and his hand that rested along Edgar's waist slid more behind the other's back side.

"Just act as though no ones here.." Edgar moved closer, forehead leaning up along the other's as Tommy's breath hitched lightly.

"Aye-" he let his lips mumble, Edgar moved slowly more. There were less feet stepping on and Tommy's 'Fancy Dancing', as he put it, was getting better.

Was the reason Edgar wanted to teach Tommy to dance for something else? To say something or hint of something? If it was, sure as hell was he getting the hints. Tommy had never felt butterflies for another man in his life. Maybe Edgar was something more. Something that described him more than he could describe himself.

As the music had started to get to a softer point, they were both close, arms around each other by now and changing the dance routines. This was 3rd class anyways, no one minded how you danced.

Edgar was the first one to make any movement, moving his forehead from the other's a couple inches away. His eyes were carefully looking into Tommy's before his lips started to hovering along his lips. As if he wasn't sure but sure at the same time. Tommy couldn't take the slight hesitant and just leaned his lips up along his.

The slight movement made Edgar's hands move up into Tommy's curls and let his fingers tighten along his hair. Tommy's head had tilted and hands swiftly moving to softly hold along the other's collar. They let the kiss last on for a few more moments, tongue being involved, along with hand touching almost in every spot that was available in public.

Tommy was the one to pull away, breath moving at a small, rapidly pace.

The music must have been made for this exact moment, because it slowly started to fade. Their eyes looked at each other's, Edgar's own breath almost like a deep pant.

"Eddy, You could have told-" Edgar's index finger slipped up and placed it along Tommy's lips.

"I wanted to surprise you, Tommy.." he whispered, giving him another light peck to the lips. Tommy not minding at all.

Hmm, Maybe they could carry this on to Tommy's room? Tommy had a light smirk along his lips at the thought.



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